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Construction Notes for the J-Pole. There's not much in the way of step-by-step instructions for this antenna. A picture is worth a thousand words. Using the simplified mechanical drawing below, you will be able to measure and construct your J-pole for the desired frequency. I found a good SWR (2:1) across 2 MHz on either side of the design 6 Meter J-pole Vertical by KK4BCV - Hamuniverse1----1 inch to 3/8 inch copper reducing coupling. 2----1 inch copper pipe caps. 1----3/8 inch copper pipe cap. 2----1-1/2 inch stainless steel hose clamps. 4----3 inch stainless hose clamps. 1----3/4 inch x 5 inch (sch 40) PVC pipe. 10â3/16 inch x 8 inch black nylon zip ties. 60/40 solder and flux.


dated may 31, 2018 - page 515 of the standard plans book dated 2018. rsp es-7a dated october 19, 2018 supersedes standard plan es-7a 5-31-18 galv steel pipe 4 nps standard n o t e 1 s e e n see note 1 m projected length rain tight cap provide removable 1'-6" Ø 7" bolt circle fit pipe 7 cut hole to 7" H A R D P.ZELDE N R I C R U S T E E R P R O F G I N 4 SEE NOTE 5 SUITABLE FOR USE EMBEDDED IN CONCRETE CLAMP CONDUCTOR TO STEEL REINFORCING WITH LISTED CONNECTOR CAP BOTH ENDS. CONDUIT SIZE AND QUANTITY AS SHOWN IN THE CONTRACT; PAPER OR CARDBOARD FORM SHALL NOT STAY-IN-PLACE Standard Plan J-26.15 for details. Install Signal Foundation Identification Tag. See values provided. Made-in-China - Manufacturers, Suppliers & Products in Source quality products Made in China. Find reliable China Suppliers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers & Exporters. Enjoy excellent buyer service with Made-in-China.

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Jan 15, 2021 · J Hook J Hook Shackle Anchor Type ¼" Thick Clevis Strain Pole Extended 6" Pole Height (See Note 4) 3" Blind Half Coupling (Not Included) Luminaire Arm Roadway Lighting HL-10.12 Details See For Pole Plate (See Note 8) Span Wire Clamp Nom. Handhole 3" x 5" " dia. U-Bolt " Steel Clamp 1 ½" ¼" ¾" 2 ½" 12" Cotter Pins for " x 2" S.S. " dia. Holes 1 ¼" 3" " 1 " PEDESTRIAN SIGNALS AND FLASHING BEACON for specific footing details see standard sheet titled "traffic (similar mount to be used on signal poles) traffic signal pole foundations, code j-2. for reinforcement, see standard sheet for use with the sign and post assembly weight. breakaway transformer base suitable for assembly shall be equipped with an approved note:unless located behind guide rail this sign overhead entry note:see flashing beacon REVISED STANDARD PLAN RSP ES-16B - Californiarevised standard plan rsp es-16b. rsp detail c closed circuit television mounting adapter to accompany plans dated rsp rsp april 20, 2018 rsp 6 " 6 " Â " 1 " may use 3 nps std pipe may use 3 nps std pipe pole section t = 0.1793", pole section t = 0.1793", top plate, see detail b

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"Road Standard Plans and Standard Guides." Sometimes one or more standard sheets are included in the Road Plans. Look over the Index to Standard Plans to get an idea of the items which are included in the Standard Plans. RIGHT OF WAY PLANS A separate set of plans See products that are in compliance with NCHRP 350 Mounting distances vary between manufacturers. See manufacturer's recommendations for mounting information. Junction Box serving the Standard shall preferably be located 5'-0" (10'-0" Max.) from the Standard. PIPE CAP TOP OF POST POST WALL EQUIPMENT GROUNDING CONDUCTOR AND FULL CIRCLE CRIMP-ON CONNECTOR - CRIMPED WITH A Standard Details for Metal Roofing & Sidingfabral Standard Details for Metal Roofing & Siding Post Frame and Residential Structures Distributed by:BEST MATERIALS ® Ph:800-474-7570, 602-272-8128 Fax:602-272-8014


continuous radius pipe arm 2" standard weight, pole cap cap screw, 3/4" x 1-1/2" nc pipe arm pole top and arm mounting details date dwg. no. 318 clark county area specification reference uniform standard drawings 12-12-96 pole cl 7-1/2" 3" 3/16" 2" sch. 40 pipe spacer 2-1/2" sch. 40 pipe tenon detail mast arm and details gussets 1/4" side d c f g ab e m k p n j h a 7-1/2" 9" mast arm..J #4 ..J w (TYP.)top of pole top of pole ornament cap - with flasher 8" flashing warning beacon housing detail 0 flashing beacon wiring alternating flash wiring shown b power w neutral terminal block install sized reducing washer and connector to secure conductors at top of pole 1/4" weep hole 2c (sh) b&w cable 2c (sh) b&w cable - to flashing beacon grounding stud with nut - see standard plan j-20.20 for ground connection