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MolPort offers 1,4-dimethyl butanedioate for your scientific research needs. It is also know by registry numbers ZINC000001683870, MFCD00008466. This compound is available from 7 2,2-Dimethylsuccinic acid C6H10O4 - PubChem2,2-DIMETHYLSUCCINIC ACID. 597-43-3. 2,2-Dimethylbutanedioic acid. 2,2-dimethyl-succinic acid. UNII-MX6TVR2107

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Dimethyl succinate. SMILES. COC(=O)CCC(=O)OC Copy. Std. InChi. InChI=1S/C6H10O4/c1-9-5(7)3-4-6(8)10-2/h 3-4H2,1-2H3 Copy. Std. InChIKey. MUXOBHXGJLMRAB-UHFFFAOYSA-N Copy. Cite this record. CSID:48341, chemspider/Chemical-Structure.48341 (accessed 14:38, May 7, 2021) Copy CAS 106-65-0 Dimethyl succinate - AceschemProduct Name:Dimethyl succinate:Cat No. ACS026364:CAS No. 106-65-0:MDL No. Molecular Weight:146.14:Molecular Formula:C6H10O4 DIMETHYL SUCCINATE CAMEO Chemicals NOAADIMETHYL SUCCINATE reacts with acids to liberate heat along with methanol and succinic acid. May react with strong oxidizing acids to liberate enough heat to ignite the reaction products. Heat is also generated by the interaction with caustic solutions. Flammable hydrogen is

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Dimethyl Succinate(DMS)CAS No.:106-65-0 Molecular Formula:C6H10O4 Molecular Weight:146.14 Dimethyl succinate 106-65-0 supplier and manufacturer dbe-4 fema 2396 estasol(r) methyl succinate akos bbs-00004425 dimethyl succinate methyl butanedioate dbe-4 dibasic ester dimethyle succinate dimethyl butanedioate Formula:C6H10O4 Dimethyl succinate CAS NO (106-65-0)-MolbaseDimethyl succinate:Synonyms:Butanedioic acid, dimethyl ester; Succinic Acid Dimethyl Ester; Methyl succinate; Butanedioic acid dimethyl ester; dimethyl butanedioate; CAS No. 106-65-0:Molecular Formula:C6H10O4:Molecular Weight:146.14100:PSA:52.60000:LogP:0.11260

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Sep 11, 2012 · Dimethyl succinate:Description:Dimethyl succinate, also known as DBE-4 or fema 2396, belongs to the class of organic compounds known as fatty acid methyl esters. Fatty acid methyl esters are compounds containing a fatty acid that is esterified with a methyl group. System of Registries US EPADimethyl succinate. Molecular Weight:146.14 Molecular Formula:C6H10O4 Additional Metadata. For more information about the substance, you may click one of the links below to take you to the relevant section:Program and regulatory information about this substance, including links to EPA applications/systems, statues/regulations, or other dimethyl butanedioate - chembkName:Dimethyl succinate,CAS:106-65-0.Properties:Molecular Fomula:C6H10O4,Molar Mass:146.141,Density:1.086g/cm 3 ,Melting Point:18-19,Boling Point:195.3°C at 760 mmHg,Flashing Point:88.4°C,Solubility:8.5 g/L (20),Vapor Presure:0.422mmHg at 25°C,Refractive Index:1.41,MSDS,Hazard,Safety.

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Dimethyl succinate C6H10O4 structure Molecular Formula C6H10O4 Average mass 146.141 Da Density 1.1±0.1 g/cm3 Boiling Point 195.3±0.0 °C at 760 mmHg Flash Point 85.0±0.0 °C Molar