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(PDF) Shear strength of R/C bridge cantilever slabs

The extended CSDT predicted the shear capacity of bridge deck slabs in preliminary analyses more precise than semi-empirical models provided in the current design codes, and the level of accuracy APPENDIX A EXAMPLE 1 - ELASTOMERIC LEVELING PAD Shear Modulus The least favorable value is assumed since the material is specified by its hardness value (AASHTO G = 0.13 ksi AASHTO T14.7.6.2-1 Check = OK AASHTO Per CDOT Bridge Design Manual (BDM) Section 14.5.7, leveling pads are


Bridge edge beam system is an increasing concern in Sweden. Because it is the most visible part of the structure which is subjected to harsh weather. The edge beam contributes to the stiffness of overhang slab and helps to distribute the concentrated load. The design of edge beam is not only affected by the structural members, but it is Bridge Bearings - CaltransBridge Design Specifications (Article 14.2.6) state that the shear deformation shall be taken as the maximum possible deformation caused by creep, shrinkage, post tensioning, and thermal effects unless a positive slip apparatus is installed. Testing at the Transportation Bridge Deck - IndianaScreed elevations shall be furnished to ensure the gutters, or the edges of deck on a bridge that without curbs, will be at the proper final elevations. Screed elevations are required for a beam or girder bridge, or a continuous reinforced-concrete slab bridge on a superelevation transition.

CE 405:Design of Steel Structures Prof. Dr. A. Varma

bolt to the edge of the connected part is given in Table J3.4 on page 16.1-61. Table J3.4 specifies minimum edge distances for sheared edges, edges of rolled shapes, and gas cut edges. AISC Specification J3.5 indicates that the maximum edge distance for bolt holes is 12 times the thickness of the connected part (but not more than 6 in.). Design of steel footbridges - SteelConstructionfoA typical bridge over a river or canal might then have a span of 30 m and a beam depth of 1 m. A simple I-beam bridge with non-structural floor might comprise two girders about 1.5 m apart on which is fixed a floor of, in some instances, timber planks. Parapet posts would be fixed to the top flange or the outer face of the steel beams. Development of a Bridge Steel Edge Beam Designframe bridge where a heavily damaged bridge edge beam system is going to be replaced. For the structural design of the solution, a static linear analysis of a vehicle collision has been carried out with the help of Finite Element Modelling and current codes.


JUNE 2008 LRFD BRIDGE DESIGN 6-1 6. STEEL STRUCTURES 6.1 Materials Structural steel, in the form of rolled steel beams or welded plate girders, is used for bridge superstructures. In rare instances integral pier caps or substructures will be designed using steel. This section is intended to LRFD Steel DesignBridge Engineering Handbook, Wai-Faf Chen and Lian Duan, 1999, CRC Press (ISBN:0-8493-7434-0) Four LRFD Design Examples of Steel Highway Bridges, Vol. II, Chapter 1A Punching Shear Strength of CFT Bridge Column to Aug 08, 2017 · Five CFT bridge column to reinforced-concrete (RC) four-pile cap connections were constructed and tested under monotonic downward vertical loads to the columns, and the effects of the connection details, including embedment depths of CFT columns, shear studs, face annular rings, and headed shear reinforcement, on punching shear behavior were


Bolted Field Splices for Steel Bridge Flexural Members / 1 1 INTRODUCTION A splice is defined in AASHTO LRFD Article 6.2 as a group of bolted connections, or a welded connection, sufficient to transfer the moment, shear, axial force or torque between two structural elements joined at their ends to form a single, longer element.