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Alloy 690 is orders of magnitude more resistant to primary water stress corrosion cracking (PWSCC) than the alloy 600 (UNS N06600) used in previous generations of nuclear power plant design. 01 SUPER 6 MERCURY - 01 CONSUMABLES - PAGETIGERNiCr-3 Bare corrosion and heat-resisting Ni-Cr-Mo wire for welding of high alloyed heat-resisting and corrosion resisting materials, 9%Ni-steels and similar steels with high notch toughness at

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(ERNiCr-3) MIG/TIG:Moderate creep service. Inconel alloy 600 and 601 and Incoloy 800 to themselves and to carbon and stainless steel. Inconel Alloy 686 and other Ni-Cr-Mo corrosion resisting alloys. Alloy clad steel. Overlaying on steel. The nominal composition of weld metal produced by this class is 57 Ni, 21 Cr, 16 Mo, 4 W. Welding Ni-Cr BÖHLER NIBAS 70/20 -IG, NiCr 70 Nb-IG A* - AlruqeeS Ni 6082 (NiCr20Mn3Nb) ERNiCr-3 2.4806 . Characteristics and typical fields of application GTAW rod for welding of nickel-base alloys, high-temperature and creep resisting steels, heat resisting and cryogenic materials, low-alloyed problem steels and dissimilar joints. Ferritic-ABSTRACT - Springerused as replacements for ller metal 82 (ERNiCr-3) in nuclear power applications where resistance to primary water stress corrosion cracking (PWSCC) is required [1]. Applications for these ller metals include the overlay of reactor safe ends where the potential for PWSCC of the ller metal 82 dissimilar weld exists [2, 3].