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Over a relatively short period of time we have seen exponential advances in Fiber laser technology used for flat sheet metal cutting. In just five years, Fiber lasers achieved the 4kW cutting threshold that took CO2 lasers approximately four times as long to reach. After ten years, Fiber lasers have achieved the 15kW power level for cutting. China Metal sheet and pipe laser cutting machine factory Full Closed Exchange Table Fiber Laser Tube and Metal Sheet Cutting Machine Model Type:GF-1530JHT / GF-1540JHT / GF-1560JHT / GF-2040JHT / GF-2060JHT This fiber laser cutting machine has a fully enclosed protective cover, an exchange shuttle table, and a tube cutting rotary device attachment.

Fiber Laser Cutting vs. Traditional Sheet Metal Cutting

What are the reflective metals for laser cutting? Copper, brass, bronze, silver, gold, and aluminum are highly reflective of infrared light in their solid state. Aluminum, however, is not considered a reflective metal for the practical purpose of fiber laser cutting. Why is Laser Cutting SheetMetal.Me - Sheet Metal Fabrication Lasers used for cutting sheet metal typically vary between 1000 and 5000 Watts though there can be some variation. Most laser cutting systems use an array of mirrors to direct the beam at the sheet metal; however the use of fiber optics is now becoming a viable option. Metal Laser Cutting Machine - MORN LASERFIBER or GAS (commonly CO2) laser represent the two most common processes for processing metal. However, fiber laser beam offers a metal friendly wavelength which is more efficiently absorbed by metals. This allows fiber laser to cut metal at 2-3x faster than CO2 lasers.

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  • Cutting perforation technology. Generally, for any kind of hot cutting technology, drill a small hole in Analysis of the deformation of small holes cutting (small diameter and thickness). This is because The workpiece has a burr when cutting low carbon steel, how to solve it. According to the work and Analysis of the burr on the workpiece when cutting stainless steel and aluminum zinc plate with the Analysis of the incomplete cutting state of the laser. After analysis, it can be found that the following The solution for non-normal spark appears when cutting low carbon steel. This situation will affect Selection of puncture points during laser cutting. Working principle of the laser beam during laser Fiber 1000W Sheet Metal Laser Cutting MachineThe key advantage of a fiber laser is its short beam wavelength (1,064nm). The wavelength, which is ten times lower than that of a conventional C02 laser, generates high absorption into metals. This makes the fiber laser become a perfect tool for cutting sheets of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, brass, etc. Upload by:Hanif Fadil Sheet Metal Laser Cutting EquipmentKern Laser Systems6 rows · Metal Cutting. Kerns CO2 and Fiber laser systems can be equipped with innovative metal Sheet Metal Processing, Bending and Cutting Machines - Laser Cutting, Hydraulic, Servo Electric, Hybrid Press Brake, Guillotine Shear and Plasma Cutting High Quality Sheet Metal Bending and Cutting Machine FIBER LASER CUTTING

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    Sep 20, 2019 · Fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of CNC metal laser cutter with fiber laser beam for cutting metal sheets/plates and metal tubes/pipes with bodor laser_metal fiber laser cutting machine_tube or bodor laser is the No.1 sales volume supplier of fiber laser cutting machine worldwide.Our equipment can be used cutting stainless,carbon,aluminum,brass and and other metalFiber laser cutting sheet metal, tube - Hans Laser3 rows · Laser cutting is applied to metal materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum