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1.4021 Chromium martensitic stainless steel X20Cr13 C Cr

General properties Special properties Physical properties Typical applications Processing properties Conditions Demand tendency Corrosion resistance (PRE = 12.0 14.0) Heat treatment and mechanical properties X20Cr13 1.4021 C 0.16 0.25 Cr 12.00 14.00 1.4021 is used in the quenched and tempered condition in a host of constructional and fastener EN 10088-1 X20Cr13 stainless steel chemical composition EN 10088-1 X20Cr13 Stainless steel is a kind of martensitic and precipitation hardening Stainless Steel material.If you have any inquiry about EN 10088-1 X20Cr13 stainless steel, please not hesitate to

Quenched and Tempered (+QT800) 1.4021 Stainless Steel

May 30, 2020 · It has the highest strength compared to the other variants of EN 1.4021 stainless steel. The graph bars on the material properties cards below compare EN 1.4021 +QT800 steel to:wrought martensitic stainless steels (top), all iron alloys (middle), and the entire database (bottom). A full bar means this is the highest value in the relevant set. STAINESS STEES 420A - RodacciaiX20Cr13 1.4021 X 20 Cr 13 X20Cr13 1.4021 Z 20 C 13 420S29 - 420S37 420 EN 10088-3:2014 (Hot-rolled and bright products) MECHANICAL PROPERTIES - Rough turned (1X) in the annealed condition Steel AISI 420, 1.4021, X20Cr13 - About metalsOct 16, 2019 · Specification of stainless steel AISI 420 Stainless martensitic steel X20Cr13 is tempering that exhibits a very high mechanical properties:it is tough, ductile and easily machinable and delivers high corrosion resistance in moderately aggressive environment. It is characterized by a limited weldability, before welding must be heated at a temperature of between 300-400 °C.

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The mechanical properties of barrel blank and forged barrel are measured by the tensile, compression and bulging test. And the hardness is measured by Vickers hardness tester. The structural change of 20Cr13 stainless steel also has been observed by metalloscope in the metallographic experiment. X20Cr13 /Z20C13 datasheet,X20Cr13 /Z20C13 X20Cr13 /Z20C13 datasheet, X20Cr13 /Z20C13 mechanical properties, chemical element X20Cr13 /Z20C13, technical specifications of X20Cr13 /Z20C13 steel material properties. X20Cr13 /Z20C13 performance specifications. X20Cr13 Chemical composition, X20Cr13 Properties, X20Cr13 Physical Properties of steel grade X20Cr13. Temperature. (°C) Modulus of elasticity. (GPa) Mean coefficient of thermal expansion 10-6/ (°C) between 20 (°C) and. Thermal conductivity. (W/m·°C) Specific thermal capacity.

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X20Cr13 datasheet, X20Cr13 mechanical properties, chemical element X20Cr13, technical specifications of X20Cr13 steel material properties. X20Cr13 performance specifications. material x20cr13 - Round bar|steel section supplierJul 26, 2020 · EN X20Cr13 Stainless steel is appropriate for manufacturing transparent and opaque tool steel which might stand up to high load and with corrosive media. All aforementioned specs serve as a common orientation and have to be reviewed depending on the conditions of use.material x20cr13 - Steel Material SupplierJul 26, 2020 · Mechanical Properties So, if you are thinking about EN X20Cr13 Stainless steel, please contact us. Thus, the machined workpiece has a homogeneous construction even on the edge, which does not change within the continuation of the material.