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MATERIAL MAXI-PURLIN Z & C SECTION DIMENSIONS Stratco purlins are manufactured from hi-tensile, zinc coated steel tested for compliance with AS1397 and have a minimum yield stress of 450MPa. Refer to the Maxi-Purlin Z & C Section Dimensions Table for individual mass and steel grades for each section. LAPPING Stratco Maxi-Purlin Z Sections require a lap length of 15% of the span MEGASPAN PURLINS & GIRTS - Home - Metroll Steel PURLIN SIZE AISC CENTRES D mm A mm h mm 100 40 18 x 22 150 60* 18 x 22 200 110 18 x 22 250 160 18 x 22 300 210 22 round 350 260 22 round 400 310 22 round * Standard centres in VIC is 70mm Alternative hole sizes, shapes and centres are available. Please enquire with your local Metroll branch Metroll Megaspan® Purlins are a range of performance

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0800 278754. Purlins & Girts Design Guide. 0800 278754 Purlins - Sleeved Purlin System MetsecTypical single span arrangement indicating purlin and sleeve positions. Double span system. End bay purlins are single span, with double span purlins on internal bays. The maximum span between rafters is 7.5m, therefore maximum double span length is 15m. A sleeve must always occur at a joint position. Purlins and EZ-Form Structural Sections - AEP SpanPurlins and EZ-Form® Structural Sections 800-733-4955 Contact your AEP Span Representative for more information. aepspan n SBroad range of manufacturing capabilities that encompass several variations in part sizes and punching locations.


The tables below list the sizes and thicknesses of Stramit Exacta® C&Z Purlins and Girts. STRAMIT EXACTA® CPURLINS AND GIRTS Size range Table 2 Web Flange Thickness Xc Xs Section DB t (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) EC150-10 150 58 1.0 18.2 46.7 EC150-12 150 58 1.2 18.3 46.8 EC150-15 150 58 1.5 18.3 47.0 EC150-19 150 58 1.9 18.4 47.2 Secondary Framing Table of ContentsSecondary Framing Table of Contents Secondary Framing Z Wall Girts Z Wall Girts (Bypass Welded Clips) Open Web Roof Standard Secondary Framing consists of Cold Formed Z shaped roof purlins American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Steeline C Purlins SECTION PURLINS - BlueScopeGalvaspan steel C section purlins come in different sizes and thicknesses to cater for your needs. Safe roof purlins spans The safe spans below are suitable for sheds and class 1 structures with the following assumptions:Non cyclonic sites only Cpe = 0.9 and Cpi = +0.2 High Pressure Zones KL = 1.5 and 2.0 included Max roof span allowed - 12M

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LYSAGHT® Zed and Cee sections are roll-formed from GALVASPAN® steel complying with AS1397. In the grades shown, the numbers prefixed with G indicate minimum yield stress in MPa. The numbers prefixed with Z indicate minimum coating mass in g/m2. 1.0mm BMT:G550, Z350* 1.2mm BMT:G500, Z350* 1.5, 1.9, 2.4 & 3.0 mm BMT:G450, Z350* cold rolled products technical manual - Hi-SpanPURLINS Sleeved System Butted System PURLINS Spans up to 7.5m (single span) 10mm Clearance Purlin Overhang C of RaftersL Purlin Length3 3 10mm Clearance 70 Sag Bar Holes @ Mid-Span Threaded = 14 Ø 32 Dim 70XD im X3 2 purlins, rails & eaves beamszed purlin load tables Section reference Weight (kg/m) Total Working U.D.L. (kN) Working Loads Ultimate U.D.L. in kN / span Allowable loading in kN/sq m Deflection Gravity Load Uplift - metal Cladding Purlin Centres in millimetres Span/ 180 Number of anti sag rods 1000 1200 1500 1800 2000 2400 0 12 zed purlin Sections - sleeved single SPAN Span = 3.0m

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May 29, 2016 · Z Purlin Span Table. Kristofer Vanderschaege May 29, 2016 Uncategorized Leave a comment 83 Views. Galvanized Structural Z Purlins For Steel Buildings Zee Metal Product On Yumisteel Pro C Purlin Z Multi Span Purlin Systems With Overlaps Scientific Diagram Astino C Z Purlin Purlin Load Tables - PRWebMay 09, 2011 · Purlin Load Tables ZEE SECTIONS STEEL BUILDINGS, INC. Purlin Load Tables Simple Span Capacities 1. Capacities are total uniformly distributed load which can be supported by the section in the absence of axial load. The weight of the section has not been subtracted from these values.