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  • DescriptionIndustries and ApplicationsResistance to CorrosionFabrication and Heat TreatmentCommon Trade NamesAlloy 400 is a single phase, solid-solution nickel-copper alloy that offers superior resistance to many corrosive environments over temperatures ranging from sub-zero to 800°F. This alloy is only hardenable through cold working, rather than heat treatment. The Curie Temperature of this alloy lies in the ambient temperature range and is affected by variations in the alloys chemical composition. Caution is advised in applications where strong nonmagnetic characteristics are desired. The ratio of copper to nickel in alloOvercoming Saltwater Corrosion with Stainless Steel UlbrichCommon choices for this are alloys, such as:Monel 400; Inconel 825 Nitronic 32; These all work great, but stainless steel can be an ideal option for many high corrosion potential applications. Austenitic stainless steels, such as 316 or 316L stainless is a metal with very high corrosion resistance. CORROSION RESISTANT STEEL GRADES QualityCastingsThis alloy can be refined (R31LC) or alloyed with molybdenum (R33,R34) for enhanced corrosion resistance or modified for improved welding (R30) and machining (R32) characteristics. Increasing nickel content and alloying with molybdenum and copper results in greatly improved corrosion resistance in more aggressive environments such as hot sulphuric acid (R36,R37). DUPLEX

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    More related options such as monel 400, monel 400 steel plate, stainless steel could be your choices too. From sourcing raw materials to launching business projects to satisfying retail demands, our role evolves to meet your 2020 current and future sourcing needs in the mineral and energy industries. Corrosion Materials Worldwide Corrosion Resistant Alloy Corrosion Materials is a global distributor and manufacturer of corrosion resistant alloy products. We have been supplying corrosion resistant alloys for more than 50 years and have developed the resources, skills and inventory to satisfy the demanding needs of a multitude of markets. Guide to Monel 400:Insights and Advantages UlbrichThe combination of excellent resistance at high temperatures and excellent corrosion resistance make the Monel alloy a great selection for a variety of applications. Applications. Monel 400, being known for its high strength and corrosion resistant properties, works in a wide range of temperatures and is available for use in a variety of products.

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    Monel 400/ Alloy400/UNS N04400 / SEW VDIUV W.Nr.2.4360 NiCu30Fe /BS NA 12 /AFNOR Nu 30 is an extremely combination property that use for largest amount and most widely corrosion resistance alloy. This alloy in the hydrofluoric acid and fluoride gas medium with excellent corrosion resistance, as well as to the hot concentrated alkali. Monel 400, Alloy 400, UNS N04400 - Mega MexCorrosion Resistant Monel 400 Alloy 400 is virtually immune to chloride ion stress corrosion cracking in typical environments. Generally, its corrosion resistance is very good in reducing environments, but poor in oxidizing conditions. It is not useful in oxidizing acids, such as nitric acid and nitrous. N0400 Monel 400 Material , Monel 400 Wire For Seamless Monel 400 is a nickel-copper alloy (about 67% Ni 23% Cu) that is resistant to sea water and steam at high temperatures as well as to salt and caustic solutions. Alloy 400 is a solid solution alloy that can only be hardened by cold working.

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    Monel 400 is resistant in annealed and thermally stress-relieved conditions. Atmospheric air or oxygen speeds up the corrosion rates and SCC susceptibility. What is a Corrosion-Resistant Alloy (CRA)? - Definition Jan 02, 2014 · Corrosion-resistant alloys are broadly used by various industries, especially those in chemical processing. These alloys provide reliable performance in the fields of health, energy, pharmaceutical, gas, oil and others. The use of these alloys promotes:Excellent resistance to corrosion attack; Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) resistanceCorrosion Resistance Table of Stainless Steel Nickel Monel 297 rows · Corrosion Resistance Table of Stainless Steel Nickel Monel Inconel. NACE MR